Systems Go Wild!

Systems Go Wild!

When Systems Go Wild”

     Many years ago, many of us migrated online learning to "Flash technology" platforms.  It offered so much flexibility and interactivity we couldn't stop using it in intros, test, quizzes, or just to be cool and flashy! Spin-offs of flash software made it easier and easier to look proficient. What seems like a present trend or standard can totally change from a moment of "basement inspiration". Looking at the new technology on the horizon is both exhilarating and promising.  For 2018 and beyond...."Technology is the extension, not the replacement of the mind'. Anyone that knows me, is sure of my unusual attraction to technology. It is fundamental to the present world we live and work in. Well, until it goes rogue. What is rogue technology? With the introduction of AI, machine learning, and many other cutting-edge solutions, it really isn't the technology, but our understanding (or lack thereof) of the implications of bad use. GIGO. We all heard of it before, garbage in, garbage out.

    Let's take it a step further. Intellectual garbage in, intellectual garbage out. Systems whether human or technology can be broken become inefficient in a few ways. When core system goes rogue, all the peripheral devices either fail to operate, take shortcuts, or operate very inefficiently. What happens when a wireless optical mouse has a weak battery (it's power management)? If you've ever experience this, it's a hit a miss deal. The cursor doesn't move as well, it stutters, fails to track (data), and creates more work. What if the optics (The Vision) is dirty and can't sense changes in position (times and seasons)? The mouse will basically stay where it is or randomly show up to do the job. It has no direction and a bad power supply. Similarly, staying true to your core work, values, and evaluating the systems and technology around you is priceless. I now make it a routine to turn off my systems and blow the dust out. I check the power and replace the batteries. I chose the mouse for a simple reason. When it doesn’t work it’s a nightmare. Technology is the extension of you. We all have a story but honestly look at the implications of keeping with the trend? They come, they go. Technology is not the replacement of the mind.  As much as it’s desired, technology can’t replace bad thinking, bad habits, or bad leadership. Technology can’t produce good decision based on bad data. The newest gadget or process can’t replace bad customer service. A great speech can’t get work done. “When Technology Goes Wild”, it is purposeful. Technology is amoral, you use it to map DNA, falsify records, or send flowers to a love one. It only obeys your command (-line-).

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